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Vaultspot is a mobile messaging application that disrupt instances whereby travellers have to stop a passersby to ask for information related to their travel. With the use of mobile messaging, travellers will send out short queries through their mobile device. Vaultspot travel advisors will assist by providing the appropriate information in the shortest time span possible. The first version of VaultSpot is now available for iOS mobile devices and will service travellers in central London. The communication is as simple as chatting with your friends to organise a good night out.

Queries could vary from “I am next to the London Bridge, where is the closest fast food restaurant ?” .. “I am in the Financial district, facing the train station, where can I find the closest post office ?” .. “What are the opening hours of the British Museum ?” .. “What are the main events happening this evening in London ?”

The policy of the company is to keep it  “Short” and “Simple”; two key words every traveller would need to adopt while using VaultSpot. The app is aimed towards people in cities who are out on the streets and require instant information.

Vaultspot has been launched in April 2016 with its first product version available on the app store. So far it has been described as the passerby travellers would want to have in their pockets. Our main goal remains to facilitate the way information is gathered and presented to people on the streets who don’t have the time or resources to look themselves.

We look forward for you to download the app, use it and provide us with feedback.



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